Cleaning and maintenance

I’m sure you understand that unclean vibrators and dildos can cause unpleasant vaginal infections. That’s not all, because you certainly share your sex toys with your partner, and if they are not properly cleaned, you risk transmitting the infection to your lover.

So, to be on the safe side, you might want to read the following six tips on how to properly clean your sex toys.

Know what material your toy is made of

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According to Women’s Health, how you should clean your sex toy depends a lot on what it’s made of. You have noticed that silicone sex toys are among the best because they are quite soft, non-porous, do not irritate sensitive skin and you can use silicone lubricants with most of them. What the toy is made of should be written on the box, on the pages of the shop where you bought it, or in some kind of manual if it came with it. It would be good to know that some sex toys (especially jelly beans) may contain toxic materials, such as phthalates.

If your toy looks and feels like real skin to the touch, then it’s probably made of cyberskin. Because cyberskin (also called “softskin” or “ultraskin”) is super porous, it’s important to use only a little mild soap and warm water when cleaning. With such porous materials as cyberskin and rubber jelly, it is best to use a condom, especially if you are with a partner in the same game.

Do not submerge anything motorized

Igracke S Motoricem 150x150You’ve probably figured this out yourself, but I’ll explain a little anyway. If your sex toy is powered by any kind of motor – that means it runs on batteries or has some kind of power cable – never submerge it in water. In time, you will destroy the toy and then it will not matter how clean it is, because in your frustrated state you will either have to go to a sex shop for a new one, or order a replacement online and wait patiently for it to arrive. Instead, clean these toys with a mild soap and a damp cloth.

Use small amounts of mild, unscented soap

Blagi Sapun Za Njegu Sexualnih Igracaka 150x150You are wrong if you think that cleaning your toy requires coarse powder and a lot of foam. In fact, if you use too much soap or harsh powder, chances are you’ll damage toys made from more sensitive materials (like cyberskin). It would not be bad if you only stick to unscented soaps so that you can be sure that there will be no skin irritation on sensitive parts of the body. These tips are good to remember when washing toys made of porous materials.

Sex toy cleaning sprays and wipes are also an option to consider as they are made with tested formulas that clean well and do not damage the toys. The prices of cleaning sprays and wipes are acceptable. So whether you’ve invested a lot of money in your sex toy collection, or you simply want them to last as long as possible, consider purchasing a cleaning spray.

Feel free to immerse durable toys without motors in boiling water

Sexualne Igracke Kipuca VodaIf your sex toy is made of a durable material (such as silicone, pyrex, stainless steel, stone, metal or glass) and is not motorized, feel free to submerge it in water to clean it thoroughly. In fact, leaving it in boiling water for a few minutes would be the best scenario for effective disinfection.

So you can also put your sex toys in the dishwasher to disinfect them, but before that, pay attention to the cleaning instructions regarding the water temperature.

Always use clean towels to dry toys after washing

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It is important to use either a clean hand towel or preferably a paper towel to dry your toys. Avoid using a towel hanging in the bathroom.

Keep your toys stored properly

Cuvanje IgracakaWith a rare sex product, you will receive instructions for storage. But everything is less clear. It would be best if, after cleaning, you would put them back in the bags used to store these toys for adults. Make sure that they do not lie in the dust under the bed or that you do not throw them in the drawers behind the wardrobe that is rarely used. Simply look after them and treat them as you would your partner – gently and lovingly.