Gift Guide

How to give a sex toy

Sex toys are not a typical gift. Treating them like a simple gift can end up embarrassing, awkward, broken friendships or worse. But if you receive such a gift with a lot of feeling and good balance, that gift of toys can change someone’s life for the better – much better than a gift card or a tie. We will give you some tips to make sure that your gift giving will end in success and not in disaster.

Make sure you know the person you are giving the gift to

Sex toys are not for everyone. Before buying, say, a rabbit vibrator, ask yourself how well you know the recipient. Is the sex toy something that might bother him/her on religious or moral grounds? Would it cause problems with a partner? How often do you have open and honest conversations about each other’s sex lives? Have you ever discussed sex toys with those you want to give as gifts? If you know the answers to these questions and think you know what your recipient is feeling – that’s good.

Make sure your gift is appropriate

Although sex toys don’t have any age guidelines, it’s still important to make sure the gift is something the recipient can and wants to use. Otherwise, it would be better to buy them a gift card. If you’re buying for a friend, make sure it’s something that suits their tastes and preferences. For example, don’t bring them an anal toy if you know they’re not interested in it and don’t want to experiment that way. If you’re shopping for your partner, look for a sex toy for couples that you can use together.

Location and context are key

Consider when and where you give a gift. Generally speaking, it should be a quiet and discreet atmosphere with only you and the recipient present. Make sure they open the gift right now. You don’t want them to take them home and open their 20cm vibrating dildo in front of their family. Make sure your gift is in a bag or a neutral box so they can carry it discreetly without anyone knowing there’s a sex toy inside. And never give a sex toy at the office Christmas party, no matter how close you are to someone.

Start with small steps

If you give a sex toy to your partner, there is a possibility that they will throw it away first. Be sure to emphasize to them that the toy is not a substitute for you. It’s just there to make your sex life even better. Talk about how soft the toy is to the touch or how strong the vibrations are. See if your partner will touch it himself. Then slowly introduce the toy into your bedroom to give your partner time to adjust to the idea. If they still hesitate, leave it in the drawer for a while and try again later.