The basic idea of ​​the online store Sex Shop is to preserve your privacy and security.
Shopping at the Sex Shop online store is completely safe and discreet.

Your data and all pages of the online store are protected using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption. SSL encryption encrypts data to prevent unauthorized access during its transmission.
In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection (“Official Gazette” No. 41/14), Article 11, Omić mobile phones d.o.o. does not transfer the customer’s personal data to a third party without the prior express and written approval of the customer and collects only basic data about customers/users.

We undertake to apply maximum security measures in order to protect the interests of customers and prevent possible misuse of information. In the process of realizing the purchase, we will only use information that is necessary.

Safe shopping guarantee with the T-Com PayWay system

Sex Shop allows its customers to pay with Mastercard, Visa and Diners Club credit cards and Maestro debit card.

For credit card payments, Sex Shop online store uses an advanced “Pay-Way” payment system. Data security on the way between your computer and the server of the Pay Way system service is ensured by the use of encryption and a security protocol. HT T-Com Pay Way applies the most modern standards in data protection – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption and MD5 algorithm.

Encryption is a process that converts plain text into cipher text using algorithms and secret and public keys. Data transmitted through these pages is protected using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The SSL protocol encrypts data when entering through the web interface, which creates a secure channel for information transfer and prevents unauthorized access to data during communication between the user’s computer and the server, and vice versa. User data transmitted over the Internet is protected by a 128-bit SSL data encryption protocol. 128-bit encryption with the SSL protocol is currently the strongest standard in the protection of communications and data exchange over the Internet and is used by all serious users who partially or fully carry out certain communications over the Internet.

Data exchange between the billing system and authorization centers of card houses is performed using a private network that does not have access to the Internet and is completely protected from unauthorized access using the ISO 8583 protocol.

Employees of the Sex Shop online store do not have access to your credit card number at any time, only the authorized transaction number is available to them. Card data is not stored in our system, but the credit card number is checked and authorized directly in the authorization center of the card company. Do not enter the credit card number anywhere except in the field provided for it, do not send it by e-mail or via the contact form.

3dsecure instructions for safe online shopping

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