Perfect Pleasures – Black Vibe


Iznimno realističan vibrator izrađen od PVC materijala.

Duljina; 21 cm
Penetracijska duljina; cca 18 – 19 cm
Promjer; 4 – 5 cm
Obujam; 14 cm
Materijal; PVC
Boja; crna
Značajke; više brzina vibracije
Proizvođač; Seven Creations


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To make the use of this product as comfortable as possible, we recommend using it in combination with a water-based lubricant. Avoid low quality oils, creams and lubricants that can damage the product.

It is important to clean the product regularly with warm water and mild soap, and occasionally it should be disinfected with a cleaning agent for erotic aids.The product does not contain phthalates and nickel, in accordance with EU regulations