Where to start?

A short guide to sex toys

If you have questions about sex toys, then ekstaza.hr has the answer! This article is a source of information and advice to help you find the best one for you, learn how to use and clean purchased toys. Because if you take care of them, they will never let you down!

What do we call sex toys?

Simply put, sex toys are anything that makes sex better, more fun, and more enjoyable. With a little imagination, you can turn almost anything into a sex toy, whether it’s a cigar, the boss’s desk or a pumpkin. But it’s much easier – not to mention safer – to stick with common sex toys like dildos, masturbators, vibrators and penises. There are thousands of sex toys that you can try, you just need to know where and how to start.

How to find the best sex toys

With so many different toys on sale, it can be quite difficult at times.
So, let’s start by dividing them according to their primary purpose and adding a word – two to them.

Toys for anal sex

They are made of materials suitable for anal penetration which includes some special safety features.
Not everyone is ready to try and not everyone enjoys anal intercourse.

Ben Wa balls

They serve primarily to strengthen the vaginal muscles.
They do not stimulate like other toys.
They are made only for women.
Kegel exercises.
Stronger orgasms are achieved.

Dildo – fulfilling like nothing else

No batteries needed.
It does not stimulate like a vibrator.
Deep penetration.
Vaginal or anal stimulation.

Bondage and domination toys

Dominating or submitting to your partner’s sexual desires.
It is not pleasant, interesting and attractive to everyone.
Once it starts, there is no end to the experiments.

Male masturbators

They provide a much better feeling than masturbation without them.
Some models can be difficult to clean.
They are made only for men.
Great for male masturbation.

Penis pumps

The vacuum system draws more blood into the penis.
Thus increasing the size and volume.
The effects do not last very long.
Made for men.
Achieving an erection.

Penis rings

It helps increase his size and stamina
It also stimulates the partner.
It restricts blood flow.
Made for men.
A quick and easy way to improve sexual performance.


Strong and intense stimulation.
Requires batteries or a nearby electrical outlet.
Some can be loud.
They almost always lead to orgasm.

How to buy sex toys

Now that you are familiar with the most common types of sex toys, it’s time to do some serious shopping. Here’s what you need to know about sex toys before you hit the Add to Cart button.

Start with the materials

Smart sex toy buyers always start by choosing the material for their toy. The material affects how you use your toy and even how you care for it. If you want something soft and flexible, get a sex toy made of silicone, TPE or TPR. Plastic and glass are good materials if you want something stronger.

Plan your shopping budget

Just what we have listed for you above runs through many price ranges. You can buy a basic penis ring or dildo for a few tens of kuna. Or you can pamper yourself and your partner with a luxury smartphone-controlled vibrator.

Determine the size of the toy

Size really does matter when it comes to sex toys. Before buying, definitely think about it and make a decision. No one wants a dildo or vibrator that is too big or too small for fun. The same case applies to male masturbators.

How to use sex toys

It’s finally time to try out your new toy! Here’s what you need to know before you go into action with your new friend.


Wash your toy before using it for the first time. Then find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed so you can focus on enjoying yourself.


Once everything is ready, apply some lubricant to the toy and your body. Sex toys are not very good at foreplay, and even women need a little lube in the beginning.


It’s generally best to start slowly when starting out with a new toy. Gently tease each other before focusing on your pleasure. Once you get used to the toy, you can pick up the pace and get the most out of it!